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Breeze Thru Agility Class levels

Beginners: This class covers introduction to agility obstacles along with valuable training and handling skills such as attention practice, running and turning, recalls, downs, stays, target training and other exercises to get you on your way to a stronger working relationship with your dog. Breeze Thru Agility advocates a dog training program based on positive reinforcement and clear communication.

Advanced Beginners: Picks up where beginners left off. We will continue to work on obstacle performance skills, work toward running short sequences and introduce some agility handling skills such as front crosses. PRE-REQUISITE: Satisfactory completion of Beginner class.

Intermediate: At this level dogs continue to build confidence on obstacles including the see-saw and weave poles and begin to perform longer sequences. More handling techniques are introduced. Dogs and handler teams will stay in Intermediate for multiple sessions before moving to the Advanced/Competition class. PRE-REQUISITE: Satisfactory completion of Advanced Beginner class.

Advanced/Competition: Dogs are performing all obstacles reliably at full height and comfortable running long sequences and short courses. Most dog and handler teams in this class are preparing to or already competing at the Novice level.


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