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Breeze Thru Agility Class Sports Olympic Gold!

—Elise Paffrath

It’s not often that one gets to feel an Olympic Gold medal in their hand, all .8 pounds of it. Let alone hang it around their dog’s neck and best of all experience an actual connection to the Olympic athlete and her teammates who won the gold!

On a mid September Monday night this fall one very special group of agility dogs and their devoted handlers at Breeze Thru Agility got to hold, admire, and try an Olympic Gold medal on themselves and their dogs. Not just any random Olympic medal, mind you, but an esteemed third-straight Gold won by an invincible team known simply as “the U.S. Women’s Eight.” Adding to the excitement was the realization that while having fun training our dogs together, we actually ended up playing a role in the lives of the members of this rather amazing Olympic team leading up to their big race in Rio . . .

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The Monday night Olympic Gold medal class poses with visiting Olympian,
Tessa Gobbo. From left to right, Tessa and her Mom, Linda Gobbo with
Bernese Mountain Dog, Frankie, Pam Skinner with Australian Cattle Dog,
Corrie, Pete Schor and English Bulldog, Daisy, \wearing the gold medal,
and Joanne Brown and Bernese Mountain Dog, Chloe.


On a January night in 1993 . . .

. . . I attended my first night of dog agility class with my 5-year-old mixed breed, Breeze. Little did I know I was stepping into a whole new chapter of my life! As I learned how to teach the ever-exuberant Breeze to traverse planks, scurry through tunnels and soar over jumps, our already close bond was fastened even tighter. It was the perfect way to channel her energy and inspire my passion for training. She was a natural, we were a team, and I was hooked!

Over a dozen years later, I am still consumed by the thrill of teaching my dogs new behaviors and fine tuning our moves together out on the agility course. I began teaching for CATS (Canine Agility Training Society) of Keene, New Hampshire, a year later and found it equally exhilarating working with students to gain a higher level of communication with their dogs through agility training.

Breeze Thru Agility was born in early 1995 in the Brattleboro, Vermont, area. Using positive, reward-based training philosophy, I have been teaching a range of dog and handler teams to enjoy the sport ever since. It is as much of a joy for me to help beginner students delight in their dogs' first successful tunnel execution as it is to help guide competition-level handlers working toward the sport's highest titles!

From the backyard recreational agility enthusiast to the serious handler headed to the national championships, my instructors and I offer insightful feedback to each dog and handler team we work with. Check out classes, upcoming seminars or contact me about private lessons at Breeze Thru Agility's new indoor, temperature controlled, fully matted training facility.

Elise and Spryte recently came in 10th at the Agility World Championships at the Cynosport Games in Arizona.

elise and spryte 10th place

Scout & Spryte, canine assistants
Breeze - gone but forever an inspiration

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